Strato Design Tools

Solid Modeling / Drafting – Solidworks

Easily exchange CAD drawings with our customers

PDMWorks Vault System

Finite Element Analysis - ANSYS

Casting Simulation (Solid Cast / Flow Cast)

Quickly design and cast any tooling necessary to develop prototypes and samples

Rapid Prototyping of Models and Samples - Advanced Rapid Prototype Equipment

We can develop a plastic model for form and fit testing within 24 hours

Utilize the plastic model to create metal prototypes without expensive castings in 28 days

Metallurgical Labs

Environmental and heat treatment labs

Microscopic studies of metal structures

Microanalysis of metal grain structure

Torque and abrasion testing allows us to quickly test non-traditional materials to develop new solutions that provide extended life and strength

Test Equipment Developed in-House

Replicates real-world conditions in the lab via application simulation

Combines with strain gaging analysis for FEA analysis

Ultimate failure and fatigue testing

Fatigue evaluation for materials and final parts (up to 2.3 million pounds)

Test Equipment Build Shop

Custom testing for customers’ capability

AAR Hose Testing and Field Simulation Equipment
DFS/CAM Machine Control Programming
Strato Design Tools