Program Repair

Strato, Inc. is a valuable resource for Class One Railroads, Short Lines, Private Car Owners and Car Repair Shops to turn to when looking for solutions for problem cars and fleet maintenance programs. 

We offer many on-site services on a regular basis to help our customers with a variety of maintenance projects and to solve challenging issues.

Our team of engineers can design custom parts and solutions for your fleet overhaul program when standard replacement parts do not meet current demanding conditions or when parts are simply no longer available.  Products can also be packaged as a project kit to streamline repair programs and prevent unnecessary inventory.

Examples of how we can help you with your scheduled maintenance repair or fleet overhaul programs include:

  • Design custom solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Improve product design to resolve fleet problems
  • Develop the tool set for custom part manufacture for large projects
  • Dispatch engineers to customer site to fit-up the proposed railcar solution
  • Provide training on-site, from gutting to repairing the railcar
  • Sample car inspections 

Contact us at 1-800-792-0500 if you have a maintenance program that we can help you with. Our customer service team is available to provide assistance every weekday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Program Repair