Car Builders

Strato, Inc. is an award winning supplier to the rail industry and has been the recipient of the TTX Excellent Supplier distinction for twenty-three consecutive years.  Our customer-driven, quality focus makes us the right choice for sourcing components for new car builds. 

We provide on-time delivery and low lead times to help our customers keep their production line on schedule.  Our lean manufacturing processes and global logistics management allow us to achieve sustainable competitiveness and provide consistent product delivery. 

Product integrity is guaranteed by our quality assurance system of continuous improvement and process optimization.  We verify that all Strato products meet or exceed industry requirements in our research and development lab and testing facilities.

Our team of highly-skilled engineers offer the best mechanical engineering services in the industry. We offer their expertise for custom designed products and solutions for new car builds.  Strato’s custom castings replace the need to fabricate many parts in-house and reduce the cost of labor, scrap and rework for the car builder. 

In addition to designing custom components, our engineers are available for verification of product application, modeling up new parts, and first-pass inspection.

We continue to ensure our customers experience unsurpassed service in every aspect of our business.  Our customer service team is empowered to prioritize orders, expedite deliveries and provide assistance every weekday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. 

At Strato, Inc. “Exceed the Need” is the motto we live by…

…yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Car Builders