Tank Car Products - Reduce Cost and Improve Reliability

Tank car components must be designed to the highest standards to ensure the safe transport of cargo throughout the rail system.  Strato, Inc. has the experience, cutting-edge design tools, testing facilities and equipment to develop improved products independently or in collaboration with our customers. 

Our team is equipped to assist our customers in the design of lower cost parts that have exceptional reliability. Our one-piece castings replace the need to fabricate many tank car components, thereby reducing scrap, rework, labor and cost. 

THE SOLUTION: Strato’s Quality Tank Car Castings

  • Manway Components
  • Multi-Housing and Safety Valve Nozzles
  • Draft Components
  • Steam Pipe Fittings

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Manway Components

Strato provides a full set of manway components for the rail tank car industry.  Our products include six and eight bolt manway covers, hinges, lugs, bolts and nozzle assemblies; all of the fittings and components for new car builds and to repair or replace manways. 

We have one of the largest mechanical design teams in the industry, available to work with you to develop custom components for any new tank car project.

Manway Components
Multi-Housing and Safety Valve Nozzles

Safety valves are a critical component for rail tank cars today.  Strato’s investment casting process allows us to engineer and manufacture the highest quality safety valve nozzles and replace the need to fabricate.  They are pressure tested to meet industry standards.

Our multi-housing assembly eliminates fabrication and streamlines production; assembly includes the nozzle, cover plate and fittings. 

Multi-Housing and Safety Valve Nozzles
Draft Components

Typically, tank cars have been low mileage cars and used as storage units.  The oil-by-rail market requires tank cars to become long-haul, heavy-haul and high-mileage cars.

Strato has draft system products that are specially designed and used in other rail cars that have high mileage and carry heavy loads.

Steam Pipe Fittings

Our line of steam pipe fittings feature heavy walls and a wide flange that eliminate the cracking problem caused by thermal shock and expansion. 

Strato’s steam pipe fittings have a greater flange size, increasing weld attachment over a larger surface area to reduce moment stresses and are made from an investment casting to provide a better surface finish that is easier to weld.

Additionally, we offer several that have four raised stabilizing pads to minimize possible interference of mating two curved surfaces.

Steam Pipe Fittings